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Hello.  I’m Laser.  I’m the boss around here and everybody knows it.  I was born to a family in August 2016, but my dad ran off and went missing and left my Mum and her humans to look after me.  My brothers and sisters all got adopted out into the human’s family, but I was left over and got put onto some website for a quick sale.

Luckily Carry found the website in October 2016 and became my new human.  She saw to my needs nicely and made sure I was checked over by vets and spayed so that I couldn’t end up like my Mum.  Carry is nice, so I decided to let her look after me and made myself at home in her house.

About a year after I was adopted, Carry decided to bring another cat home.  He was stinky and stupid and I hated him.  I wanted him to go away so it was just me and Carry again, but Carry liked him and he seemed to like Carry, so I decided to give him a chance.  When I had finished washing him and made sure he knew that I was in charge, we became friends and now I mostly don’t mind playing and snuggling with him.  I still sometimes have to remind him he’s the child and I’m the boss, but he seems happy with that situation so it’s all fine.  He’s a funny one, little Mac.

My favourite thing is to sit at the top of the stairs and survey the area.  There isn’t much of an area there, but I can see if Carry is going up or down the stairs and I can boop McLaren on the head when he rushes up to check if our bowls are full.

I like to lick taps, clean myself and stare out of the window as the world goes by.  Sometimes other cats come to visit but I soon scare them off when I bang my paws on the window.  I’m not sure I want any more additions to the family just yet, even ifCarry keeps asking if I’d like another sibling.

I only like to be fussed on my terms.  Those terms are normally when the human has been under the tap that is high up and she is wrapped in one of those radiator rugs.  And sometimes about 5am I have to check she is still alive, and poke her face and let her fuss me for a while to make sure.

Carry will be home soon, so I better stop writing and go and tidy up the mess McLaren has made.  He’s a little scamp, but he keeps me busy at least.

So long.

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