Lasey Sunday #3 – Carry Loves Cats

Today I’m going to tell you all about one of Carry’s crazy DIY days.  It was about a year ago now, but she made me a cool little teepee which I liked a lot.  We don’t have it anymore as it took up a lot of room, and when I got my cat tree that…Read moreRead more

Hello Lexus! – Carry Loves Cats

As I mentioned in my last blog, my second foster arrived over the weekend and my gosh he’s absolutely adorable.  Lexus is a grey tabby and he’s so fluffy and small I just wanna bundle him up and cuddle him tight. A little nervous on his first night. He’s very shy and spent most of Saturday…Read moreRead more

Cilla Sunday – Carry Loves Cats

Well hello there, Cilla here.  Carry has come to stay at my house with MY parents for a few days.  Apparently, it is something called Christmas that is going on, but I’m pretty certain she came to see Charlie and try to weasel her way back into the family.  Whilst I haven’t found them yet, …Read moreRead more

About Laser – Carry Loves Cats

Hello.  I’m Laser.  I’m the boss around here and everybody knows it.  I was born to a family in August 2016, but my dad ran off and went missing and left my Mum and her humans to look after me.  My brothers and sisters all got adopted out into the human’s family, but I was…Read moreRead more

About McLaren – Carry Loves Cats

Hi there, I’m McLaren.  Can you see me up here at the top of the cat tree?  It’s my favorite place to keep a watchful eye on the house and a great spot to jump down on unsuspecting victims from. I was born in June 2017 and Mummy adopted me from Cats Protection Lanarkshire in September 2017. …Read moreRead more