Cilla Sunday – Carry Loves Cats

Well hello there, Cilla here.  Carry has come to stay at my house with MY parents for a few days.  Apparently, it is something called Christmas that is going on, but I’m pretty certain she came to see Charlie and try to weasel her way back into the family.  Whilst I haven’t found them yet,  there are definitely some interesting smells coming from the bags she bought with her, so I assume there will be gifts and sacrifices made during her visit.  Probably trying to distract me so she can retake her place in the family.

She informs me that normally Laser would be writing her blog today, but has let me loose to write to you.  I believe that Laser is currently in a cage with McLaren at someone that Carry calls their Aunt and Uncle.  Well, personally I’m glad they’re there because I couldn’t be doing with two more cats in the house to fight for Daddy’s attention over.

I must go back to making Carry feel unwelcome now.  She doesn’t belong here anymore, I’m the daughter now.  Mummy and Daddy don’t need her anymore.  I’m the most special girl in their lives now.

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