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As I mentioned in my last blog, my second foster arrived over the weekend and my gosh he’s absolutely adorable.  Lexus is a grey tabby and he’s so fluffy and small I just wanna bundle him up and cuddle him tight.

A little nervous on his first night.

He’s very shy and spent most of Saturday hiding under the sofa bed.  Prior to being with me he had lost his owner unexpectedly at a young age and been transferred to a pen at one of the other fosters houses.  We suspect he wasn’t used to being outside, so once Lulu was away to her new home, it was decided the pen would be freed up for a pregnant stray and I’d take Lexus.

Doesn’t seem very comfortable?

I spent most of yesterday trying to get him used to me.  I mostly left him to himself, but I kept popping in and out of the foster room.  Firstly he’d just hide under the sofa bed, but eventually, I’d notice he was out and about the room, but ran back under the bed as I came in.

Look at that wee face.

Mid-afternoon, he stayed sat on the sofa when I came in but ran off as soon as I sat down.

By the start of the evening, he would stay on the sofa while I sat beside him, and as I went to bed, he let me sit right next to him as he chilled out in the basket, and enjoyed a bit of a fuss.

During the night he came alive.  I was woken to the sound of a ball with a bell in rattling around the room and bouncing off the walls.  When I came into the foster room in the morning, the litter from the tray was scattered everywhere and soft camping equipment I had left in there had been knocked over.  He even tried the look of innocence on me when I asked what on earth he’d been doing!

It definitely wasn’t me.

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