Lasey Sunday #3 – Carry Loves Cats

Today I’m going to tell you all about one of Carry’s crazy DIY days.  It was about a year ago now, but she made me a cool little teepee which I liked a lot.  We don’t have it anymore as it took up a lot of room, and when I got my cat tree that had to take up space instead.

Here is a photo of the stuff Carry bought a home from the outside that day.  The only things you really need to pay attention to are the sticks.  You don’t need that many, but make sure they smell nice – as you can see I’m doing in the photo.

Smells like sticks.

To make the teepee Carry got some string (this is the fun part!) and started wrapping it round and round the top of the twigs and tangling and making knots and funny patterns.  I had a lot of fun chasing the end as it wound up, it was flying about all over the place.

Once it was all nicely tangled, she spread the sticks out so they made a funny little circle that I could go inside.  And then she got one of her old bits of clothes and draped it over so it went dark inside.  In the photo below you can see me inspecting the light levels.

Yep. It’s dark inside.

Last but not least Carry put inside my basket.  This was an important step because the floor is sometimes cold and not very comfortable to sleep on.  You could also use a cushion or a blanket, but my basket just happened to be a perfect size.

Yep, nice and comfy inside now.

Then the only thing left to do was take a snooze.

What do you think?  Have you got a cool place like this to sleep?  Does your human DIY?
Let us know in the comments.  Maybe you could ask you human to try this out and show us your results!

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