Hi everyone, I’ve been having so much fun this week because Nanna and Auntie Elaine came to stay and Auntie played a lot with me, even when she was sleepy and I patted toys to her.  My favorite part was when Nanna carried me out of the bedroom in a box and I raced her…Read moreRead more


McLaren here again.  I’ve been busy tracklisting this week. Mummy informed me that I should be able to jump about five or six times my length.  I measured against Laser and that means she can jump further than me, which definitely isn’t fair, so I decided to learn to jump furtherer than she can. I’ve…Read moreRead more


It’s been a few days since I blogged, and that is mostly because I’ve been both insanely busy and absolutely shattered.  Luckily, Laser has allowed me to steal her usual blogging day so that we can all thank our wonderful Secret Paws gifter for an absolutely amazing Christmas gift box. Laser, McLaren and I were lucky enough…Read moreRead more

Mid Week McLaren #11 – Carry Loves Cats

Is McLaren here.  Today is a spooky day.  Mummy gots all dressed up a scary and made me and Laser afraid.  Here’s my face when I first saw her like it. So ‘cos she’s all scared up.  I thoughts I’d tell yous a scary story that happened to Laser and I a few months ago. …Read moreRead more

Lasey Sunday #12 – Carry Loves Cats

We had treats again this week, so I’m feeling much happier about writing my blog today.  I did get a little bit excited about treats coming back though – Carry says I punctured an artery in her finger when I thought she was a Webbox treat. Woopsie.  She leaked red for a little while and then her…Read moreRead more


We have some fantastic news to start off with today:  Lulu has packed her things, had paperwork signed and left to go to her new forever home. It was kind of bittersweet as my first foster cat to head off to their new happy life, and I didn’t really get a proper goodbye with her,…Read moreRead more

Lasey Sunday #3 – Carry Loves Cats

Today I’m going to tell you all about one of Carry’s crazy DIY days.  It was about a year ago now, but she made me a cool little teepee which I liked a lot.  We don’t have it anymore as it took up a lot of room, and when I got my cat tree that…Read moreRead more

Hello Lexus! – Carry Loves Cats

As I mentioned in my last blog, my second foster arrived over the weekend and my gosh he’s absolutely adorable.  Lexus is a grey tabby and he’s so fluffy and small I just wanna bundle him up and cuddle him tight. A little nervous on his first night. He’s very shy and spent most of Saturday…Read moreRead more

Cilla Sunday – Carry Loves Cats

Well hello there, Cilla here.  Carry has come to stay at my house with MY parents for a few days.  Apparently, it is something called Christmas that is going on, but I’m pretty certain she came to see Charlie and try to weasel her way back into the family.  Whilst I haven’t found them yet, …Read moreRead more

About Laser – Carry Loves Cats

Hello.  I’m Laser.  I’m the boss around here and everybody knows it.  I was born to a family in August 2016, but my dad ran off and went missing and left my Mum and her humans to look after me.  My brothers and sisters all got adopted out into the human’s family, but I was…Read moreRead more